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Wurlitzer Jukebox Cabinet Keys

The cabinet keys I offer are for the original factory installed cabinet locks that open lids or front and back doors, they will not open cash doors.

Scan further down page for cash door keys

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Pre-war Wurlitzer Cabinet Keys 1935-42

P12, 30, 35, 400, 312 & 412

Your lock should look like this.


Front Door Key

PA273 $10 

Back Door Key

PA271 $10

316, 416, 616, 616A, 716, 24, 24A, 500 & 600

Your lock should look like this.

Front Door Key

F1133 key $12

Back Door Key

L1726 $12 

50, 51 & 61


Your lock should look like this

Lid Lock Key

J1287 $12

Back Door Key



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All American Wurlitzer cabinet locks from the model 700 on up will look like the lock shown below, note the zigzag key slot. 

IMG_2958.JPG (16628 bytes)

Some will have the face stamped with a key number as shown here, many will not.

The only exceptions being the RW-49 (further below) which has a pop-out lock like a filing cabinet.

41, 71, 81, 700 & 800 Models

The 700 & 800 use both the TF25 for the upper door.

41, 71 & 81 Counter top models use this key for the lid lock.

TF25 Key $6.99


700-950 Models

700 & 800 lower door

750, 780, 850 & 950 front door

LF50 Key $6.99

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Post-war Cabinet Keys

American made Wurlitzer's from 1946-1973


Only fits original 24 selection US built Models:

1946-1949: 1015, 1080, 1100 & 1250

Read This:

This key is will not fit German built Wurlitzer OMT / 1015 models.

If you have a modern model with a 1-0 keypad, use key #WUA1

You'll find it listed near the bottom of this page.


RW75 Key $6.99


Fits: 1400-1450 Models


RW44 Key $6.99


Fits 1500-1550 Models

RW47 Key $6.99


Fits 1600A-1650A Models


RW85 Key $6.99


Fits 1500A, 1550A, 1600 & 1650 Models

Only with "pop-out" style single bit key. If your lock looks like this

IMG_2959.JPG (11674 bytes)

This is the correct key


RW49 Key $6.99


Fits Model 1700


RW80 Key $6.99



Fits: 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2104, 2150, 2200, 2204, 2250, 2300, 2304, 2310, 2400, 2404 & 2410 Models


RW90 Key $6.99


Fits 2500, 2504, 2510, 2600, 2610, 2700, 2710, 2800, 2810, 2900, 2910, 3000 & 3010 Models


RW95 Key $6.99


Fits 3100, 3110, 3200, 3210 & some 3300  Models

RW100 Key $6.99


Fits Most 3300, 3310, 3360 & all 3400, 3410 & 3460 Models


RW105 Key $6.99


Fits all 3500, 3600, 3700, 3800, 7500 & 1050 Series

RW110 Key $6.99


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Cabinet Keys for German Built Wurlitzer Jukeboxes 1974-Current

Locks for German built Wurlitzer's look like this.

I can not supply cash door keys for German built models.


Fits most German built vinyl (45) playing Wurlitzer's and all (One More Time) OMT-1015 45 and CD playing models.

WUA1 Cabinet Key  $14.00


Fits all Wurlitzer CD playing jukeboxes except the (One More Time) OMT-1015

WUA2 Cabinet Key $14.00

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  Cash Box Keys for US built Wurlitzer's

If your US made Wurlitzer still has it's original lock, I can make a key.

WC Cash Drawer Keys

In the late 30's into the early 50's Wurlitzer used the WC lock on most wallboxes and cash drawers.

If the face of your lock looks like this and has WC followed by up to 3 digits, I can make a matching key.

WC Key $15


Enter Key Number

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WCX Cash Door Keys

Starting in the early to mid 50's Wurlitzer started using the WCX lock for cash doors.

If your door still has is original ACE WCX lock, I can make a matching key.

All numbers WCX1-WCX500 available

Check the face of your lock, if it has a WCX followed by a number from 1 to 500, I can custom make a key for it.


$12.99 per key

Enter Key Number (WCX-XXX)

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Need Replacement Locks for Your Wurlitzer?

Click to our lock page and check out our complete line of replacement locks!



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