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AMI Jukebox Keys

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AMI Cash Box Keys

AMI used the B & C series locks for the coin doors on most jukeboxes from the F series through the Continental.

If your lock looks like these and has a B or C followed by up to 3 digits stamped into it, I can cut a key for it.

If it's blank or of any other style, I cannot.

Available Numbers

B01A-B500A & 526A - 550A

C01A-C500A & 526A - 550A

$13.99 each

Key Number

Note: Custom Made Keys are Non-Cancelable/Non-returnable


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AMI Cabinet Keys

The keys I below are for the original factory installed cabinet locks that open lids, front and back doors.

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The Bell #50A-1 key fits all AMI A, B, C, D and E series models

If your lock looks like this

 IMG_2957.JPG (11631 bytes)

Then this is the correct key.

Bell #50A-1 Key $29.99

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The RI-303 key fits all AMI F, G, H & I Series models.

If your lock looks like this one

(note the blank face, no # stamped)

Then this is your key

RI-303 Key $8.99

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The C440A Key fits all J & K and Continental 1 & 2 Models.

IMG_2951.JPG (14805 bytes)

Check the face of your lock, it will have C440A stamped into it. If it does not, this key will not fit!

AMI C440A Key $8.99

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Need Replacement Locks for Your AMI?

Click to our lock page and check out our complete line of replacement locks!


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