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General Handling of Problems

Not everything is always going to run smoothly, errors get made, orders get lost or delayed.

However, this is never, no matter what the case, an excuse to show off your poor manors.

This is a family run business and we are your neighbors, if you need help with a problem, just ask.

People who feel the need to rant, like to bully or just can't seem be courteous should shop elsewhere.

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Problems with mailing addresses

There have been and continue to be orders that get delayed, returned or lost due to customers either not keeping they're PayPal account information updated or supplying miss-spelt or otherwise inaccurate mailing addresses. 

It is the customers responsibility to keep their PayPal account address accurate and up to date. Likewise, customers using a credit card through the PayPal check out system must supply a complete and accurate address.

Customers living outside the US, especially those in non-English areas, your name and full mailing address must be submitted in English.

If your order is returned to me for addressing reasons, you will be expected to pay for the re-mailing costs. 

If your order is lost due to an addressing problem, I will not be able to help find it, recall it or refund the costs.

Bottom line: 40% of all orders I receive have some kind of small addressing error, abbreviations not recognized by the USPS or improper punctuation. Re-Check your info, use proper spelling and grammar it really does count! Capitalize where required and don't abbreviate. It's your order and your money, isn't it worth getting it right?

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Questions about Exchanges and Returns

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Returns or exchanges are fine as long they are made within 30 days of purchase and the returned item is in as new condition (The same condition as when it was shipped). Items that have been tired / installed or tampered with are non-returnable

Keys with marks from pliers, filing or modified in any way are non-returnable

The returns rule is: If an item cannot be resold as brand new, then its not returnable

I can offer full item credit for the returned goods that meet the above criteria, however shipping or insurance fees are non-refundable costs

Return shipping costs are the customers responsibility and its strongly encouraged to opt for tracking on returns

A copy of the original invoice must be included with all returns/exchanges, a short reminder note of explanation is also recommended. Without some sort of paperwork I'll have no idea who is has sent the item, if you're middle aged you'll understand...

Q. My order arrived, but it appears that the wrong item was shipped.

A. In the case of the incorrect item being shipped, please contact me before opening the needle case. Most times everything is okay, but when in doubt its always better to ask first. If there is a mistake, I'll take quick action to correct the situation.

Q. My needle arrived, but now that it's here it looks different from what I have.

A. Contact me with complete information before you open the needle case. The color may vary, but the basic needle should look the same as what you have. On models that flip or have wings on one or both sides, the wing design can also vary. In some cases the wing may need to be trimmed short for clearance. These variations do not effect the needles compatibility with your older or original version. But it's always best to check before opening the actual needle package.

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Questions of a General Nature

Q. Can I mail in payment?

A. Yes, customers located in the USA may make payment by mail. I accept money orders and personal checks. Be sure to include funds to cover s/h and a note telling us what your buying and where to mail it.

Mailing address:

1920 Harbor Point Dr
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Sorry, I cannot accept non-US checks or money orders

Q. Do you actually stock every item shown on site?

A. Yes I do. The only time I don't have something shown is if it's already been reordered and will then generally arrive within just a few days.

Q. Are your needles brand new or new old stock?

A. My stock is brand new, factory fresh and always of the highest quality available. I do not sell off brands, cheapies or ancient close-out stock.

Q. Once I place my order how long does it take for you to ship?

A. Typically orders ship in 24 hours or less. For more shipping info visit my shipping page.

Q. I've found a jukebox needle on your site that also seems to fit in my Turntable. Are the needles you sell only for use in jukeboxes, or is it okay to use them in with other types of turntables?

A. In most cases the needle for a jukebox is the same or very close to that used in a phonograph of any other type. So yes, if you find a match it's perfectly fine to use it on a turntable.

Q. I heard that some Yellow wedge style replacement needles for the Pickering 340D/345 cartridge don't fit correctly, do your Seeburg needles fit properly?

A. I've also heard and read about improperly fitting wedge needles that fall out or don't sound well. However that was quite some time ago and not a product needles4jukeboxes handled. The the yellow wedge style needles I carry for the 340/345 models (Seeburg SS-160 thru SMC and the 100B-201 mono conversion cartridge) fit and work as well or better then any of the originals. They are the latest design and best type available. Bottom line here is, if you buy a wedge needle from me and it fits loose, you can bet the problem is with the cartridge.

Q. I found what I think is a match for my needle & cartridge, but I want to be sure before ordering, can you help me?

A. Yes, email a picture of the cartridge and needle and note any writing from either piece. Also include the make and model of your jukebox. I'll confirm the needle type required.

Q. I can't find a match for my needle or cartridge, can you help me?

A. Quite possibly, email a picture of the cartridge and/or needle and note any writing from either piece. I'll search through my info and see if I can find a match and supply a price if available.

Q. I found a match for my needle/cartridge, but it's shown as being for a different make or model. Is this a problem?

A. Not really, it's very possible that the factory ran short and used whatever they had on hand or could get quickly. It's also possible that at some point in the past the cartridge was changed during routine maintenance. Either way, if your juke sounds fine and you've found a match, go ahead and order the replacement. 

Q. My jukebox is missing it's cartridge, how do I know which one it needs and where can I buy one?

A. Forward the make and model, plus a picture of the tone arm and I'll do my best to make a recommendation.