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AMI Rockola Rowe Seeburg Wurlitzer Overall List Solder Lugs


Cartridges for Seeburg Jukeboxes

The P51 Replacement Cartridge

A perennial favorite for converting 78 playing jukeboxes of the 30's and 40's to lightweight-record friendly machines.

Also an excellent replacement for the crystal cartridges found in Seeburg 146, 147 & 148's and some earlier models.

(Note: In rare cases fitment my require some modifications)

Cartridge comes complete with needle and lugs as shown

Version #1 For use with stereo or mono 45 RPM records (pre-loaded with a Diamond .7 mil stereo compliant needle) $22.99

Version #2 For use with original and reproduction 78 RPM records (preloaded with 2 mil needle) $19.99

Version #3 For use with original 78 RPM records (preloaded with 3 mil needle) $19.99

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P51 78 RPM Replacement Needles

IMG_2343.JPG (33413 bytes)

Sapphire 2 mil tip $10

Sapphire 3 mil tip $10

P51 45 RPM Replacement Needles

Diamond .7 mil tip $12 (Best overall pick for 45/33 records)

Sapphire 1 mil tip $10 (Better for mono 45's, but will play stereo)

Pickering Blackhead/Redhead Mono Cartridge Replacement

New replacement cartridge for HiFi/mono Seeburg models 100B - 201

Exact fit, each cartridge comes with a pair of needles

Note: As with the Pickering 345D, some trimming of the biasing weight may be required for exact tracking

Fits all Seeburg models: M100B - 201 $324.99

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Commercial Duty Replacement Needle

Diamond tip for 45/33 play $30 per pair


Pickering Redhead Stereo Cartridge

Original/Used Pickering Stereo Redhead Cartridge, Fits all models 222-PFEA

These are used original cartridges, tested working, sold without needles.

Note, condition varies piece to piece, some may have minor chips or other cosmetic flaws

Seeburg Stereo Redhead Cartridge $84.99

Out of Stock

Replacement needles

Pair of Diamond Pickering T Needles $114.99

This is the newest generation of T needle. They look like the previous run but have been redesigned to provide optimum sound quality at a tracking pressure in the range of of 3-5 grams

If you experience low output or distorted sound, vary the tracking force until you find the pressure that best suits your Seeburg

Pickering 340D Stereo Cartridge

Original/Used Pickering Stereo 340D Cartridge, Fits all models SS160 and later

This is a used original cartridge, tested working, sold without needles

Out of Stock




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