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AMI Rockola Rowe Seeburg Wurlitzer Overall List Solder Lugs


Rowe Jukebox Cartridges


Brand new replacement for the Shure M44 or M77 magnetic cartridges

This cartridge will work in any Rowe/AMI model from the JAL thru R94


Sold as shown, 1/2" mounting  $39.99

Replacement Needles for the AT3600

Commercial Duty - Exact Replacement, Diamond Tip, $15.95

Shure M77

Original/Used Shure M77 Cartridges

The M77 was original equipment for the JAL, JEL, JBM & JAN models

These are used originals, cartridge has been tested before shipping

IMG_1576.JPG (33922 bytes)

$75 (Sold without Needle)

Out of Stock

Replacement Needle for Shure M77 Cartridge

IMG_1652.JPG (23170 bytes)

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement. $23.95 each

Buy 2 for $45 and save

Shure M44

Original/Used Shure M44 Cartridges, fits all models JAL-R94

These are used originals and will fit any Rowe jukebox that plays a record, cartridge has been tested before shipping



Does not include a needle, order one below

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Replacement Needle for Shure M44 Cartridge

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement.

Exact replacement for Rowe part's #F-13031, 200-13031 & 2-18340-01 

Now Only $18.95 Each

Buy 2 for $35 and save





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