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Below is a listing of cartridges that will fit multiple makes and models.


The P51 replacement cartridge

This cartridge is designed to replace the now long out of production Astatic #51 ceramic cartridge. 

A perennial favorite for converting 78 playing "Golden-age" jukeboxes to lightweight-record friendly machines.

Also makes an excellent replacement for the crystal cartridges found in Seeburg 146, 147 & 148 models,  Rockola 1422 & 1426 and Music Mites

And for replacing defective or missing Astatic #51's used in AMI A-E120 models and Rockola 1428-1465 jukes

Available in two versions, one for 45's, one for 78's. 

Max recommended tracking pressure: 8 Grams

(Note: In some cases fitment my require some modifications)

Cartridge comes complete with needle and lugs as shown

Version #1D For use with stereo or mono 45 RPM records (pre-loaded with a Diamond .7 mil stereo compliant needle)  $22.99

Version #1 is currently Out of Stock

Version #1S For use with stereo or mono 45 RPM records or new 78's only (Sold with a Sapphire .7 mil stereo compliant needle) $19.99

Version #2 For use with original and reproduction 78 RPM records (preloaded with 2 mil needle) $19.99

Version #3 For use with original 78 RPM records (preloaded with 3 mil needle) $19.99

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#P51 78 RPM Replacement Needles

IMG_2343.JPG (33413 bytes)

Sapphire 2 mil tip $10

Sapphire 3 mil tip $10

P51 45 RPM Replacement Needles

Diamond .7 mil tip $12.99 (Best overall pick for 45/33 records)

Sapphire 1 mil tip $10 (Better for mono 45's, but will play stereo)

Model TN4 / P132

 Ceramic Cartridge

This is the # TN4/P132 stereo cartridge, it's my most popular choice for replacing ceramic cartridges

Candidates include: 

Astatic 15 or 17 used in many 1465-445 Rockola's
Sonotone 8T, 9T, 52T used in Wurlitzer 2300-3300 series 
Sonotone 8T used on stereo AMI J & K models
Astatic 133 or 215 models found in Wurlitzer 3400-3800 models
Plus many more...

This cartridge is very versatile, it can also be wired with the two sides in parallel for use it in mono machines.

(Note: Fitment my require some modifications)

IMG_2284.JPG (13496 bytes)  IMG_2294.JPG (16618 bytes)

Comes complete with mounting bracket, solder lugs and .7 mil diamond tip needle $23.99

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Optional 45/78, diamond .7 mil / sapphire 3 mil needle for P132  $12.99

  IMG_2288.JPG (13868 bytes)

Standard 45/33: stereo compliant replacement .7 mil diamond needle for P-132  $12.99

Sonotone 8T

The Sonotone 8T was original equipment on the stereo AMI J / K models and all variations (100, 104 & 200 selection) of the Wurlitzer 2300S-2600S Stereo Models.

Can be used in any jukebox that requires a ceramic cartridge.

IMG_4588.JPG (19077 bytes)

(Note, this version has 4 lugs Verses the original which had 3. You will need to tie the two ground lugs together, otherwise it's an exact fit)

This is an exact copy, comes as shown with mounting bracket and needle. $119.99

Replacement Needle for Sonotone 8T cartridge

Stereo Compliant . 7 mil Diamond tip $13.95

Sonotone 9T Re-Issue

The Sonotone 9T was used in all variations of the Wurlitzer 2700-3200 series and can also be fitted the 3300 and later models.

IMG_4577.JPG (23229 bytes)

The 9T cartridge has been discontinued and replaced by the 16T below

Replacement Needle for Sonotone 9T cartridge

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $13.99

NEW! Sonotone 16T

Use it to replace Sonotone 8T, 9T and 52T cartridges found in stereo versions of Wurlitzer models 2300S-3300.

It can also be used to replace the Astatic #215 and #133 found in 3400-3800, 7500 or 1050 models. 


(Note: Fitment my require some slight wiring modifications)

Comes complete as shown with mounting bracket $119.99 

 Replacement Needle for Sonotone 16T cartridge

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $13.99



General use magnetic type cartridge

Use in place of GE, Shure or any type magnetic cartridge


Sold as shown, 1/2" mounting  $39.99

Replacement Needles for the AT3600

Commercial Duty - Exact Replacement, Diamond Tip, $19.99



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