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Shop for Wurlitzer Jukebox Needles. 

Scan through the pictures below, you should be able to find a match for the needle in your Wurlitzer jukebox. If you don't see a match, email a picture of the needle and cartridge along with any markings and I'll see if I can find something for you.

"S" Type Needles

This needle is made to fit any tone arm / pickup that uses a set screw to hold the needle in place. 

Virtually every model from the 30's through the late 40's, with either a magnetic or crystal style pickup originally used this type needle.

Includes all Wurlitzer models thru the 1080

Replaces Astatic #N4-3S

3 Mil Sapphire Tip for 78 Records $19.99

Replaces Astatic #N4-3S

S Needles for 78 Models converted to play 7" 45 RPM Records

.7 Mil Diamond Tip $19.99

1 Mil Sapphire Tip $10


Astatic #51

The Astatic #51 cartridge was commonly used as part of a lightweight conversion kit in many "Golden Age" Wurlitzer's with Bear-Paw or Lollypop style tone arms. 

If your cartridge looks like one of these

IMG_1771.JPG (7054 bytes)

Order this needle

IMG_2085.JPG (25068 bytes)

3 mil sapphire tip for playing 78 Records, $23.99

Replaces Astatic N29-3

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.7 mil Sapphire Tip for Stereo 45 Records $18.99

Replaces Astatic N29-1

.7 mil Diamond Tip for Stereo 45 Records $21.99

Replaces Astatic N29-1

Zenith Cobra

The Zenith Cobra cartridge is found in some 1015 / 1080's with Cobra update/conversion kits, all 1080A through 2250 models and the 2300 through 2600 series with Mono sound systems. 

These are the latest design and are brand new factory fresh cartridges.

To replace the needle means replacing the entire cartridge as shown. It's a simple pull-out / push-in fit.

Available in three variations: 

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3 mil best for playing original 78's.

Use with Cobra converted 1015 & 1080's, and all 1100-1650's playing only original 78's

New all green model replaces the original Red Astatic #97-3

  IMG_3758.JPG (33610 bytes)

3 mil Diamond Tip $119.99

Very Limited Quantity Available - 4 or less Remaining

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2 mil for playing original and/or reproduction 78's intermixed or 78/45 intermix models like the 1500 series. 

New all green model replaces the original Red & Green Astatic #97-2

IMG_3755.JPG (299180 bytes)

2 mil Diamond Tip $119.99

Expected in stock mid-late Oct 2020

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.7 mil select this version for playing mono and/or stereo 45's

Fits: 1080A-1650 playing 45's, 1700-2250 all, 2300-2600 mono models

Replaces the original Green Astatic #97-1

IMG_2598.JPG (7283 bytes)

.7 mil Diamond Tip $109.99

Now in stock

Sonotone 8T 

The Sonotone 8T is found on all stereo Wurlitzer's from the 2300-2600. It can be recognized it by it's bright red color.

If your cartridge looks like this

IMG_2311.JPG (18415 bytes)

Order this needle

IMG_1760.JPG (13298 bytes)

Exact replacement for both black and gold type needles.

Diamond Tip: $13.95 each

Sonotone 9T 

The Sonotone #9T cartridge is typically found on Wurlitzer jukeboxes from the 2700 through the 3200 models.

If your cartridge looks like this

IMG_9T.jpg (46369 bytes)

Order this needle. 

IMG_1756.JPG (8028 bytes)

Exact replacement for all previous colors

This needle has diamond tips on both sides, a Needles4Jukeboxes exclusive.

 Double diamond = Double life!

Diamond Tip: $13.95 each

Sonotone 52T / 65T

The Sonotone 52T cartridge is typically found on some Wurlitzer 3200 models & all 3300 model jukeboxes. It can be found occasionally on similar models.

The red 65T was a popular replacement cartridge for many models.

If your cartridge looks like either of these:

IMG_52T.jpg (54622 bytes)  IMG_5027.JPG (185446 bytes)

Order this needle

IMG_1815.JPG (43578 bytes)

Exact Replacement, Diamond Tip: $12.99

Astatic 215 

The Astatic #215 cartridge is found on Wurlitzer the 3400 & 3500 series jukeboxes.

If your cartridge looks like this:

IMG_1788.JPG (37121 bytes)


Order this needle

IMG_1807.JPG (40869 bytes)

Exact Replacement

Diamond Tip: $12.95 Each

Astatic 133 

The Astatic #133 cartridge is found on US built Wurlitzer 3600-3800, 7500 & 1050 jukeboxes. 

The same needle can also be found on some German built models from the mid to late 70's, such as the Lyric, Niagara, Baltic, Atlanta, the X-Series and several more.

If your cartridge looks like this:

IMG_1791.JPG (74784 bytes)

Order this needle

IMG_1809.JPG (41756 bytes)

Exact Replacement, Color may vary

Diamond Tip: $12.99

Needles for German Built Wurlitzers

Merula STC-480

The Merula STC-480 is used on many early German built Wurlitzer's like the Lyric, Atlanta and Tarock models. 

If your cartridge looks like this

Merula_STC-480.jpg (13299 bytes)

Purchase this needle

IMG_3777.JPG (36957 bytes)

.7 Mil diamond tip $19.99

Merula STC-485/STC-486

The Merula STC-485/STC-486 is used on mid-70's German built Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Models include the Lyric, Baltic, Atlanta, Cabaret and Niagara.

IMG_3770.JPG (40210 bytes)

.7 mil diamond tip, $18

Philips GP-212 / GP-213

This needle fits the Philips GP-212 / GP-213 which is found in many German made Wurlitzer's built from 1972-1979 including: Baltic, Niagara, the X series, Lyric and many other models.

If your cartridge looks like this

Then this is your needle.

IMG_2128.JPG (69140 bytes)

Exact Replacement

Replaces #22 070 006

$12 each

Shure N75C

This is the most commonly used needle for German built Wurlitzer's and fits most OMT 1015s

This needle fits the Shure N75C cartridge which was original equipment on many German built Wurlitzer's from the mid-70's and later

The list includes: the SL, Baltic & Niagara series, plus most OMT models (One More Time) and a number of others. 


If your cartridge looks like this

Order this needle

IMG_2120.JPG (48864 bytes)

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement.

Diamond Tip: $24.99 each


Sanyo OMT Needle

The Sanyo cartridge is used in the later German built Wurlitzer 1015/OMT's (One More Time)


If your cartridge looks like this

IMG_5273.JPG (16982 bytes)

 then order this needle

IMG_2348.JPG (8583 bytes)

  .7 mil Diamond Tip, $21.99



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