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Scan through the pictures below, you should be able to find a match for the needle in your Rowe jukebox. If you don't find a match, check through the other pages on site, sometimes cartridges from different makes find their way into unexpected places. 

If you still don't have any luck, email a picture of the needle and cartridge along with any markings and I'll see if I can find a match for you.

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Shure M77

The Shure M77 cartridge is found in several Rowe jukeboxes including the JAL/JEL, JBM, JAN & JAO models, but can also be found retro-fitted into many others.

If your cartridge looks like either of these two

IMG_1576.JPG (33922 bytes)  IMG_2402.JPG (12122 bytes)

Then the N77 is your needle. 

IMG_1652.JPG (23170 bytes)

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement


Now In Stock


Shure M44

The Shure M44 cartridge fits most Rowe jukeboxes from the mid 60's thru 1980's including the MM1-MM6 series, TI-1 / TI-2, RI-1 - RI-5, CTI-1 & 2, all models with R prefix: R74 - R94. It can also be found retro-fitted into many others.

If your cartridge looks like this


Then the N44C is your needle. 

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement.

$21.99 Each

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