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Shop for Rowe jukebox Needles 

Scan through the pictures below, you should be able to find a match for the needle in your Rowe jukebox. If you don't find a match, check through the other pages on site, sometimes cartridges from different makes find their way into unexpected places. 

If you still don't have any luck, email a picture of the needle and cartridge along with any markings and I'll see if I can find a match for you.

Click here to view needles for AMI Jukeboxes

Shure M77

The Shure M77 cartridge is found in several Rowe jukeboxes including the JAL/JEL, JBM, JAN & JAO models, but can also be found retro-fitted into many others.

If your cartridge looks like either of these two

IMG_1576.JPG (33922 bytes)  IMG_2402.JPG (12122 bytes)

Then the N77 is your needle. 

IMG_1652.JPG (23170 bytes)

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement



Shure M44

The Shure M44 cartridge fits most Rowe jukeboxes from the mid 60's thru 1980's including the MM1-MM6 series, TI-1 / TI-2, RI-1 - RI-5, CTI-1 & 2, all models with R prefix: R74 - R94. It can also be found retro-fitted into many others.

If your cartridge looks like this


Then the N44C is your needle. 

Diamond tip, commercial duty, exact replacement.

$21.99 Each

Buy 2 for $39.99 and save



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