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Needles for Non-US built Jukeboxes & 

US Export Models

If you don't see your needle type listed or have input regarding which type fits what makes & models, feel free to contact me.


The Astatic #133 cartridge can also be found on many German built models from the mid to late 70's, such as the Lyric, Niagara, Baltic, Atlanta, the X-Series and several more.

If your cartridge looks like this:

IMG_1791.JPG (74784 bytes)

Then you need this needle

IMG_1809.JPG (41756 bytes)

Exact Replacement, Color may vary

Diamond Tip: $12.99


If your cartridge looks like this

Then you need this needle. 

 IMG_4981.JPG (13204 bytes)  IMG_4982.JPG (17851 bytes)

Diamond tip for 45/33 play $15

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IMG_3165.JPG (13676 bytes)

Replaces: ST-8,

.7mil Diamond double sided, $10

Fits: BSR SCM7M, SCH5H, SC10H & SC12H

Replaces: ST-16, 17, 18, 20 & 21

Double sided needle: .7 mil & 3 mil tips for playing either stereo 45/33's and 78 records $10

Double sided Needle with 2 .7 mil stereo compliant tips for 45/33 play $10



Diamond Tip, $13



Found on Tonomat, Harting, Bergmann and others

IMG_3145.JPG (5393 bytes)

SM 11 Needle fits KST 11 Cartridge

.7 Mil Diamond tip for playing 45/33 stereo records.   $10 each

Euro Rockola, Tonomat, Bergmann and others

IMG_3169.JPG (6971 bytes)

SNM 102 Needle fits KST-102 / PE-184

.7 mil Diamond Tip, $10 Each


Euro Rockola, Tonomat, Harting, Bergmann and others

IMG_2210.JPG (5882 bytes)

SM103/DM-103 needle fits the Elac KST-103/PE-183 cartridge

Diamond Tip, $10 each

Euro Rockola, Tonomat, Bergmann and others

IMG_3171.JPG (14116 bytes)

SM107 Needle fits KST-106/PE-186

.7/.7 Diamond Tips, $10 each


Merula SK-451 is found on several NSM models.

IMG_4661.JPG (10926 bytes)

.7 Mil Diamond Tip, $17

The Merula STC-480 is used on many early German built Wurlitzer's like the Lyric, Atlanta and Tarock models. 

If your cartridge looks like this

Merula_STC-480.jpg (13299 bytes)

Purchase this needle

.7 Mil diamond tip $19.99

The Merula STC-485/STC-486 is used on mid-70's German built Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Models include the Lyric, Baltic, Atlanta, Cabaret and Niagara.

Also found on several Jupiter Stereo models.

IMG_3770.JPG (40210 bytes)

.7 mil diamond tip, $18

The Merula STK-495/1 is found on the Jupiter/Elektro Kicker

If your cartridge looks like this

Purchase this needle

.7 Mil Diamond Tip $17


The Ortofon Cartridge is found in many NSM jukes. Models like the Prestige 2, Concert 240-2, City 4 and so on typically use this cartridge.

If your cartridge looks like this

IMG_1903.JPG (11282 bytes)

Then you need this needle

IMG_2026.JPG (9416 bytes)

Exact replacement, Sold in Pairs $34.99


IMG_3174.JPG (7571 bytes)

Fits: AG 3010

3 mil tip for 78 play, $10

.7 mil Diamond Tip for 45/33 play, $10

IMG_3177.JPG (7280 bytes)

Fits: AG 3016-3019

3 mil tip for 78 play $10

.7 mil Diamond Tip for 45/33 play, $10

IMG_3181.JPG (13008 bytes)

Fits: AG 3060, 3063, 3066, 3201, 3202, 3221, 3222, 3302, 3302, 3304, 3305 & 3308

.7 mil Diamond Tip for 45/33 play, $10

Also available in

3 mil Sapphire tip for 78 play, $10

IMG_3185.JPG (26195 bytes)

Fits: AG 3223, 3228, 3230, 3306, 3310, 3316 & 3324

GP-200, 204, 205, 224, 228, 230, 233, 300, 306 & 310

.7 Diamond Tips for 45/33 play, $12.99

This needle fits the Philips GP-212 / GP-213 cartridge which is found in many German made Wurlitzer's built from 1972-1979 including: Baltic, Niagara, the X series, Lyric and many other models.

IMG_2128.JPG (69140 bytes)

Exact Replacement

$12 each


The Pickering Mono Blackhead #R-150 cartridge was original on many Seeburg 100's. 

Also used in Jensen J40 & J120 models.

If your cartridge look like this

Select this type needle

IMG_1996.JPG (27020 bytes) 

Each needle comes with it's own handy installation tool as shown below!

 IMG_2037.JPG (78495 bytes)

Exact Replacement

.7 mil tip for stereo 45 or 33 1/3 RPM play, Sold in pairs $25

Also available in 3 Mil tip for 78 record play, Sold in pairs $25

The Pickering 345 stereo cartridge fits some Sound Leisure Nostalgia models.

If your cartridge looks like this

Stereo_Pickering.jpg (33378 bytes)

Then you need this needle. 

IMG_1645.JPG (36899 bytes)

Diamond tipped, Correct Fit & Exact replacement for all colors and parts numbers.

Select Quantity


Found on several Tonmaster and Jupiter models

.7 Mil Diamond tip for Stereo 45's & 33's

$12.99 each

1 Mil Sapphire Tip for 45/33 play

$10 each

2 Mil Sapphire Tip for modern and vintage 78 play

$10 Each

3 Mil Sapphire Tip for Vintage 78 Play

$10 each

IMG_3189.JPG (12810 bytes)

Ronette #BF40

Found on Jupiter models 104 & 120 Models

.7 mil Diamond Tip for 45/33 play, $12

Also available in

3 mil sapphire tip for 78 play, $12

IMG_2068.JPG (61103 bytes)

.7 mil sapphire tip - stereo compliant

With Blocks $15 per pair

.7 mil diamond tip - stereo compliant

With Blocks $20 per pair


The Shure M17 cartridge fits many NSM jukeboxes including: the Prestige series (E-120, E-160, ES120 & ES-160), Festival, Concert 240i, Satellite 200, City II and several others

If your cartridge looks like this

M17.JPG (34342 bytes)

Then you need this needle. 

IMG_1647.JPG (22560 bytes)

Diamond tip, exact replacement

$30 per pair

This needle fits the Shure N75C which is found in many German built Wurlitzer's from the 70's and later including: SL, Baltic, Niagara, most OMT models (One More Time) and several others. 

IMG_2120.JPG (48864 bytes)

Exact Replacement.

Diamond Tip: $15.99 each


The Teppaz Visseau cartridge is found in many Jupiter and Bergmann jukeboxes.

Fits most Jupiter 96, 80, 100 & 104 Models and Bergmann S80 & S100 types.

IMG_3797.JPG (195607 bytes)

Diamond tip for 45 play: $10




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