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78 RPM

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Needles for playing 78 RPM Records

Below are some brand new needles that are made to fit just about any 78 tone arm / pickup that uses a set screw to hold the needle in place. 

This covers a wide range of models from the early 30's through the late 40's and both magnetic and crystal type cartridges.

This includes:

Rockola: 30's models up thru the 1426

Seeburg: 30's models up thru the 148

Wurlitzer: 30's models thru the 1080

and many other 78 playing makes like Mills, Aireon, Packard, AMI and so on....

Early Style "S"-Shaped Sapphire tipped needles.

Replaces Astatic #N4-3S

IMG_4032.JPG (10434 bytes)

3 Mil Sapphire Tip for 78 Records $19.99

Floating Point Straight Style Needle

2 mil Sapphire Tip Floating Point $12

Can be used to play 78's or mono 45's/33's

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Astatic #51

The Astatic #51 cartridge was commonly used as part of a lightweight conversion kit in many "Golden Age" jukes with heavy magnetic style tone arms. This cartridge also came stock on all post war 78 playing AMI's and Rockola's.

If your cartridge looks like one of these

IMG_1771.JPG (7054 bytes)

Then you need this needle

IMG_2085.JPG (25068 bytes)

3 mil sapphire tip for playing 78 Records, $23.99

Replaces Astatic N29-3



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