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Drive Belts for Wurlitzer Jukeboxes.

Scan down the page to view my complete inventory of Wurlitzer drive belts.

Don't see your belt listed? Feel free to email me, if I can find a match I'll add it to the site!

Helpful hint! The average life expectancy for a drive belt is about 8 years. If you can't remember the last time you changed your belt, or never have, your long overdue...an old stiff belt will cause accelerated wear of your driveline!

Wurlitzer Animation Drive Belt

This belt drives the animation unit found on Wurlitzer 3300 & 3400 Jukeboxes. 

This heavy gauge belt is used in the rocking action of the upper scenery display panel.

IMG_5613.JPG (105084 bytes)

IMG_2838.JPG (20179 bytes)

Replaces Wurlitzer #132499 $10 each

Wurlitzer Turntable Drive Belts


This belt is found on all single speed (45 RPM only with ONE pulley) models from the 1700 through the 2600.

IMG_4671.JPG (159465 bytes)

Even though some of these models used a double grooved pulley, it only requires one belt. The inner and outer grooves are slightly different in size, making for a very minor speed adjustment, not to accommodate two belts....

IMG_2700.JPG (22012 bytes)

Replaces Wurlitzer #60881 $8.00 

2500 & 2600

These belts are found on some of the 2500 & 2600 model Wurlitzer's. This turntable system used two separate pulleys (each with its own and different size belt) for making the speed switch from 45 to 33 RPM.

IMG_4672.JPG (25050 bytes)

 Autospeed was an option on these models and many were still being shipped with single speed/one pulley 45 RPM only turntables and those that variation uses the above mentioned 1700-2600 belt.

If you have a 2700 or 2800 use the belts in the below listing, the 2500/2600 belts in this frame will be too short for your later model.

IMG_2701.JPG (23437 bytes)

Short Belt replaces #119823 and is for 33 RPM (Smaller Pulley) $8

Long Belt replaces #119824 and is for 45 RPM (Larger Pulley) $8

Or buy the pair for $14

2700 & 2800

These belts are found only on the Wurlitzer 2700 series and the early 2800's. 

This drive system also uses two different sized pulleys to change speed. It's almost the same as the previous 2500-2600 version, but uses a slightly longer set of belts.

IMG_5593.JPG (102199 bytes)

IMG_2701.JPG (23437 bytes)

Short Belt replaces #122500 and is for 33 RPM (Smaller Pulley) $8

Long Belt replaces #122501 and is for 45 RPM (Larger Pulley) $8

Or buy the pair for $14


These belts are found on the late production model 2800's and then right thru the 3300 series.

In other words: All models which use a dual speed single idler wheel system.

By now Wurlitzer had changed to a single idler wheel which had one double grove pulley integrated to it's side.

IMG_5594.JPG (81077 bytes)

IMG_2702.JPG (24308 bytes)

Requires a matched set of belts.

Replaces #124527  Sold in pairs $14


These belts are found on all US models 3400 through the 3800 plus 1050 & 7500 models

IMG_4676.JPG (20985 bytes)

The last American made Wurlitzer's, now with the record playing in the horizontal position.

IMG_2702.JPG (24308 bytes)

Requires a matched set of belts

 Standard rubber belts just like the factory issued originals

Replaces #128579  $14 pair

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New Item

Fits: all US models 3400 through the 3800 plus 1050 & 7500

Red Silicone Belts, Replaces #128579  $18 pair

Softer composition for improved traction and longer lifespan, silicone belts also resist UV & cracking better then black rubber belts


German built Wurlitzer turntable belts

This belt is found on German made Lyric models which play in the Vertical position.

IMG_4678.JPG (24493 bytes)


IMG_2700.JPG (22012 bytes)

$8.50 per belt

Order this belt for use in 50 cycle 220 volt models

Order this belt for use in 60 cycle 110 volt models

These belts fit all German made Wurlitzer's that play 45's in the horizontal position. 

Includes: Niagara, Baltic, X-Series, Atlanta & OMT-1015

IMG_4677.JPG (16784 bytes)

Note: Most (but not all) models do require 2 belts.

IMG_2703.JPG (26345 bytes)

Replaces #15 010 010 

$8 each

or 2 for $14



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