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Drive Belts for Seeburg Jukeboxes.

Scan down the page to view my complete inventory of Seeburg drive belts.

Don't see your belt listed? Feel free to email me, if I can find a match I'll add it to the site!

Helpful hint! The average life expectancy for a drive belt is about 8 years. If you can't remember the last time you changed your belt, or never have, your long overdue...an old stiff belt will cause accelerated wear of your driveline!

Seeburg Home Unit Carriage Drive Belts

These belts fits all the various "Home" console models including the AMS1, HSC1. HSC2, HSC3, AP1, AP2, and the 6000 series.

If it's a 12" 33 1/3 playing, non-coin operated Seeburg machine using two drive belts, this is the correct item.

IMG_2840.JPG (20398 bytes)

Replaces Seeburg #253439

Seeburg Home Unit Drive belts, $18 per pair

Seeburg Scan Belt

This belt fits the scan control on the SX-100, SL-100 Seeburgs and possibly the SB100, 100-77D &100-78D models as well. 

Later 100 selection Seeburgs used this very small scan belt. It fits on the lower right front corner of the mechanism carriage.

IMG_2839.JPG (16224 bytes)

Replaces Seeburg #301374

Seeburg Scan Control Belt $6 each




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