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AMI / Rowe NSM Rockola Seeburg Wurlitzer



Rockola Jukebox Parts


Rockola carriage cancel coil

Fits both the write-in and read-out carriages on models 1484, 1493 and all 403-474 (except the 408)


Tested Working

$27.50 each


New Rockola Wobble Plate coil

part #34556

Fits models 1484, 1493, 403-474 (except the 408)


$29.99 each


New Turntable Motor Grommets

 Fits:1436 thru 498 / R1000

These are exact replacement for both white (typically yellowed) and black types.

IMG_6319.JPG (19435 bytes) 

$12 per set of 3

New Rockola Idler Wheel Spring

Fits 1436-498 & R1000




 Rubber Rejuvenator

Great stuff, use on idler wheels and other rubber parts

Deglazes, Cleans and Revitalizes rubber surfaces

$18 for 1oz bottle as shown

 New Power Switch

Universal fit STDP Toggle Switch

High quality American made


The factory used these with the terminals jumped for double the current capacity

$9.99 each


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Original Jukebox Repair Parts

Below is my entire remaining inventory of original Rockola jukebox parts, all items are limited quantity

Pictures are meant as a general representation of each item, actual item you receive will the best available at the given moment

The items are used, dirty and many are untested, all are sold in as-is condition and without warranty and should be considered non-returnable

Please do not email requests for parts not shown

45305 Red Relay

Note, my remaining stock of original red relays

Have either no cover or a damaged cover


Coil Tested

43561 White Relay $30

Coil Tested

Early Style Play Relay $49.95

The contacts many vary model to model,

but the coil is generally the same for all models

mid-late 50's through mid-late 60's

Coil Tested


Later Style Play Relay #49257 $35

Coil Tested

K301 Latch Relay #52547 $40

Fits on later model Mech control boards

Coil Tested

K302 Reversing Relay #52321 $35

Fits on later model Mech control boards

Coil Tested

NOS 51900-A  $95

Light Sequencer fits 473/474 models

Shipping Destination

52350A Power Supply Regulator Board $65

Early Carriage Assembly

w/Metal Hammers $65

Coils Tested

Later Carriage Assembly

w/Plastic Hammers $65

Coils Tested

NOS Carriage Block $25

For plastic hammers only

Brush Head

Sold Out

#42299 Wobble Plate Micro switch Actuator $15

Tone Arm Bias Spring

Sold Out

Carriage Blocks and parts

Select Item

Later Wobble Plate Micro Switch $20

34323 Gripper Arm Reversing Cam

Sold Out

Linkage for Rockola Idler Wheel $25

Fits all dual speed and some later single speed

54225-1A Opto Board $35


SPDT Micro Switch $35

You'll find these used on most Rockola changers

From the early 12 play right up through the 60's

> See this listing down page for SPST Micro's <

Currently Out of Stock


55210-1A Opto Board

No Longer Available

Tone arm cable clip $10

56344-A Opto Page Board $40

Input Cable

Total length 14"


Last One

60's era Odd/Even Switch $35

NOS 100 Selection 34666/7A Linkage Assembly

Shipping Destination

NOS 160 Selection 41369A Linkage Assembly

Shipping Destination

39050 Magazine Gear $65

Shipping Destination

52177 Magazine Gear $65

Shipping Destination

CD Era Motor $110

Tested Item

Shipping Destination

4 Wire Magazine Motor

Sold Out

Late Model Magazine Motor $125

Fits 478 and later models

Can be retrofitted many earlier models as well

Tested Item

Shipping Destination

Late Model Transfer Motor $125

Fits 478 and later models

Can be retrofitted many earlier models as well

1 Left

Tested Item

Shipping Destination

 Turntable Motor for Dual Speed Models $75

Tested Item

Shipping Destination

Rockola Write-in Motor $70

Tested Item

Shipping Destination

54825A Mech Power Board

K1 & K2 relays are available above

Sold Out

54870A Mech Power Board $90

K1 & K2 relays are available above


Pair of original Shure cartridge fasteners $8

NOS SPST Micro Switch $30

You'll find these on most 12, 16 & 20 Rockola changers

Switch is Normally Closed


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